The Chemometrics&PAT Unit research is essentially focused on chemometrics and vibrational spectroscopy namely near- and mid-infrared spectroscopy methods. The combination of these two fields yielded the so-called Process Analytical Technology field which concerns the efficient implementation of analytical and instrumental tools for direct process monitoring and control. This is the main research area of the Unit. Due to its relevance to the industry the pursued research is often in cooperation with industrial partners.

The Unit is undergoing research in the areas of pharmaceutical production, natural/foods/agricultural products, biotechnology (bioreactors monitoring and control), flow analysis modelling, clinical microbiology and art&conservation studies.

The Chemometrics&PAT Unit main research lines are:

1. High-throughput monitoring and control of pharmaceutical processes and products

2. Analytical methods development for pharmaceutical drugs

3. Bioreactors monitoring and control with high-throughput in-situ spectroscopic tools

4. High-throughput diagnosis of pathogenic bacteria

5. Authenticity assessment and characterization of natural and food products

6. Characterization of historically relevant materials in the context of art&conservation studies

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