Mafalda Sarraguça



Pos-doc Researcher
REQUIMTE/University of Porto

  • 2010 – PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Analytical Chemistry), Pharmacy Faculty, Porto University. Thesis: “Improved quality control of solid dosage forms for the pharmaceutical industry with high-throughput vibrational spectroscopy “
  • 2004 – Master in Chemistry (Quality Control), FCTUC, Coimbra University.
  • 2000 – BSc in Industrial Chemistry, FCTUC, Coimbra University,

contact info:

phone: +351 220428662

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Research topics

Mafalda Sarraguça main research interests are the unveiling of the potential of high throughput techniques such as near infrared spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy to understand, monitor and control industrial pharmaceutical processes.

In the last years, the focus of her research has been the use of near infrared and Raman spectroscopy to understand and monitor cocrystallization process applying concepts such as the process analytical technology (PAT) and quality-by-design (QbD). Another important aspect of her research has been in the study of new compounds with pharmaceutical activity and with improved pharmacological activity.

Her research interest also include the use of chemometrics and multivariate analysis and its application to the pharmaceutical industry.

Research keywords

Vibrational Spectroscopy, Chemometrics, Pharmaceuticals, Food Technology, Biotechnology

Selected publications

Peer-review paper

  • Marisa Rodrigues, Bárbara Baptista, João Almeida Lopes, Mafalda Cruz Sarraguça. Pharmaceutical cocrystallization techniques. Advances and challenges, Int. J. Pharm., 547, 404-420, (2018).
  • Silverio Ferreira Silva Filho , Andreia Cardoso Pereira , Jorge M.G. Sarraguça, Mafalda C. Sarraguça, João Lopes , Pedro de Freitas Façanha Filho, Adenilson Oliveira dos Santos, Paulo Roberto da Silva Ribeiro. Synthesis of a Glibenclamide Cocrystal: Full Spectroscopic and Thermal Characterization, J. Pharm. Sci., 107,1597-1604, (2018)
  • A.F. Silva, J. Vercruysse, C. Vervaet, J.P. Remon, J.A. Lopes, T. De Beer ,M.C. Sarraguça. Process monitoring and evaluation of a continuous pharmaceutical twinscrew granulation and drying process using multivariate data analysis, Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm., 128, 26-47, (2018)
  • Cláudia A. Teixeira dos Santos, Ricardo N.M.J. Páscoa, Mafalda Cruz Sarraguça, Patrícia A.L.S. Porto, António L. Cerdeira, J.M. González-Sáiz, C. Pizarro, João A. Lopes, Merging vibrational spectroscopic data for wine classification according to the geographic origin, Food Res. Inter., 102, 504-510, (2017).
  • Dina Lourenço, Mafalda Sarraguça, Gilberto Alves, Paula Coutinho, André R. T. S. Araujo, Márcio Rodrigues, A novel HPLC method for the determination of zonisamide in human plasma using microextraction by packed sorbent optimised by experimental design, Anal. Meth., 9, 5910-5919, (2017).
  • Silva AF, Sarraguça MC, Fonteyne M, Vercruysse J, De Leersnyder F, Vanhoorne V, Bostijn N, Verstraeten M, Vervaet C, Remon JP, De Beer T, Lopes JA, ” Multivariate statistical process control of a continuous pharmaceutical twin-screw granulation and fluid bed drying process“, Int. J.  Pharm.,528, 242-252 (2017).
  • Araujo, A.R.T.S., Sarraguça, M.C., Ribeiro, M.P. , and Coutinho, P.,”Physico-chemical fingerprinting of thermal waters of Beira Interior region of Portugal “,  Environ. Geochem. Health, 39, 483-496 (2017).
  • Ana F.T. Silva, Mafalda Cruz Sarraguça, Paulo R. Ribeiro, Adenilson O. Santos, Thomas De Beer, João Almeida Lopes, “Statistical process control of cocrystallization processes: A comparison between OPLS and PLS”, Int. J.  Pharm.,520, 29-38 (2017).
  • Mafalda Cruz Sarraguça, Rita Matias, Raquel Figueiredo, Paulo Roberto S. Ribeiro, Ana Teixeira Martins, João Almeida Lopes, “Near infrared spectroscopy to monitor drug release in-situ during dissolution tests”, Int. J.  Pharm., 513, 1-7 (2016).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, Maria Paisana, João Pinto, João A. Lopes, “Real-time monitoring of cocrystallization processes by solvent evaporation : a near infrared study”,  Eur. J. Pharm. Sci., 90, 76-84 (2016).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, Paulo R. S. Ribeiro, Adenilson O. Dos Santos, João A. Lopes, “Batch Statistical Process Monitoring Approach to a Cocrystallization Process”, J. of Pharm. Sci., 104, 4099–4108 (2015).
  • Madalena V. Cruz, Mafalda Cruz Sarraguça, Filomena Freitas, João Almeida Lopes, Maria A. M. Reia, “Online monitoring of P(3HB) produced from used cooking oil with near infrared spectroscopy”, Journal of Biotechnol. 194, 1-9 (2015).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, Paulo R. Ribeiro, Adenilson Santos, Marta C. Silva, João A. Lopes, “A PAT approach for the on-line monitoring of pharmaceutical co-crystals formation with near infrared spectroscopy” Int. J. Pharm, 471, 478-484 (2014).
  • R Matias, P.R.S. Ribeiro, M.C. Sarraguça, J.A. Lopes, “A UV spectrophotometric method for the determination of folic acid in pharmaceutical tablets and dissolution tests”, Analytical Methods, 6, 3065-3071 (2014).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça ,João R. Santos, António O.S.S. Rangel, João A. Lopes, “Authenticity assessment of roasted coffee brands with near infrared spectroscopy” Food Anal. Methods, 6, 982-899 (2013).
  • João R. Santos, Mafalda C. Sarraguça, António O.S.S. Rangel, João A. Lopes, “Evaluation of green coffee quality using near infrared spectroscopy: a quantitative approach”,  Food Chem., 135, 1828-1835, (2012).
  • N.D. Lourenço, J.A. Lopes, C.F. Almeida, M.C. Sarraguça, H.M. Pinheiro, ”Bioreactor monitoring with spectroscopy and chemometrics: a review”, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 54, 1211-1237, (2012).
  • Mafalda Cruz Sarraguça, Sandra Oliveira Soares, João Almeida Lopes, ”A near-infrared spectroscopy method to determine aminoglycosides in pharmaceutical formulations”, Vib. Spec., 56, 184-192, (2011).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, Ana V. Cruz, Sandra O. Soares, Helena R. Amaral, Paulo C. Costa, João A. Lopes, ”Comparison of different chemometric and analytical methods for the pre­diction of particle size distribution in pharmaceutical powders”, Anal. Bioanal. Chem, 399, 2137-2147, (2011).
  • Mafalda Cruz Sarraguça, Thomas De Beer, Chris Vervaet, Jean-Paul Remon, João Almeida Lopes, ”A batch modelling approach to monitor a freeze-drying process using in-line Raman spectroscopy”, Talanta, 83, 130-138, (2010) .
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, Ana V. Cruz, Sandra O. Soares, Helena R. Amaral, Paulo C. Costa, João A. Lopes, ”Determination of flow properties of pharmaceutical powders by near in­frared spectroscopy”, J. Pharm. Biom. Anal., 52, 482-492, (2009).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, Ana Paulo, Madalena M. Alves, Ana M. A. Dias, João A. Lopes, Eugénio C. Ferreira, ”Quantitative monitoring of an activated sludge reactor using on­line UV-visible and near-infrared spectroscopy”, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 395, 1159-1166, (2009).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, João A. Lopes, ”The use of net analyte signal (NAS) in NIR spectroscopy: interpretability and figures of merit”, Anal. Chim. Acta, 642, 179-185, (2009).
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, João A. Lopes, ”Quality control of pharmaceuticals with NIR: from lab to process line”, Vib. Spectrosc., 49, 204-210, (2009).

Book Chapters

  • João A. Lopes, Mafalda C. Sarraguça. Data processing in multivariate analysis of pharmaceutical processes, In: Ferreira AP, Menezes JC, Tobyn M, eds. Multivariate Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry. San Diego: Academic Press, 2018: 35-48 (ISBN: 9780128110652) Link to publication
  • Mafalda C. Sarraguça, Ricardo N.M.J. Páscoa, Miguel Lopo, Jorge M.G. Sarraguça, João A. Lopes, “Bioactive Compounds in Coffee as Health Promotors”, pag 180-220, in Natural Bioactive Compounds from Fruits and Vegetables, Part 2, eds Luís Rodrigues da Silva and Branca Maria Silva,  Bentham Press, 2016.[link].
  • Sarraguça M.C., Santos J.R., Magalhães L.M., Rangel A.O.S.S., Lopes J.A. Chapter X: “Use of near infrared spectroscopy for coffee beans quality assessment”. In: Coffee in Health and Disease Prevention. Edited by Victor R. Preedy,  Elsevier, Amsterdam. Chapter 103, pag 933 (2015).
  1. Coffee Beans Quality Assessment book chapter | Chemometrics and Process Analytical Technology Unit

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