Ana Silva

2a1b6a9PhD Student
University of Porto / University of Gent
  • 2010 – Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade do Porto, University of Porto.

Contact info



Research interests

Process Analytical Technology, Pharmaceutical Production, Quality-by-Design approaches to pharmaceutical processes

Research keywords

PAT; chemometrics; QbD; pharmaceutical production;


  • Silva Ana F. T.; Marques Karine L.; Santos Joao L. M.; Lima J.L.F.C. (2011) Automatic Multi pumping Flow System for the Chemiluminometric Screening of Scavenging Capacity against Singlet Oxygen, Anal Sci, 27(8), 827-832
  • Harasimowicz, J.; Marques, K. L.; Silva, A. F. T.; Costa, R. C. B. ; Prior, J. A. V.; Rodrigues, S. S. M. ; Santos, J. L. M. (2012) Chemiluminometric evaluation of melatonin and selected melatonin precursors’ interaction with reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, Anal. Biochem., 420(1), 1-6
  • Burggraeve, A.; Vander Heyden, Y.; Silva, A. F. T.; Van Den Kerkhof, T.; Hellings, M.; Vervaet, C.; Remon, J. P.; De Beer, T. (2012) Development of a fluid bed granulation control strategy based on real-time process and product measurements, Talanta (In Press, Corrected Proof)
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