Full Members

João Almeida Lopes (Research Assistant) (ICETA/UP)

Clara Sousa (Auxiliary researcher)

Mafalda Sarraguça (Post Doctoral researcher) (FF/UP)

Jorge Sarraguça (Post Doctoral researcher) (FF/UP)

Ricardo Jorge Páscoa (Post Doctoral researcher) (FF/UP)

Ana Filipa Silva (PhD student) (FF/UP and Univ. Ghent)

Cláudia Teixeira Santos (PhD student) (FF/UP)

Miguel Lopo (PhD student) (FF/UP)

Sandia Machado (MSc Student)

Silvana Moreira (Researcher)

Affiliated Members

Susana Almeida Lopes (PhD student) (FP/UL)

João Botelho (PhD student) (FF/UP)

Bjorn-Hendrik Peters (PhD student) (Health Sciences Faculty, Univ. Eastern Finland)

Former Members

Paulo Ribeiro (Post Doctoral researcher) (Univ. Federal do Maranhão, Brazil)

Carla Coutinho (PhD student) (FFUP)

Rita Batista Matias (MSc student) (FF/UP)

Raquel Tenório Silva (MSc student) (FF/UL)

Raquel Figueiredo (MSc student) (FF/UC)

Mónica Almeida Miranda (MSc student) (FM/UL)

Sandra Brogueira Lopes (MSc student) (IST/UTL)

Lien Mahy (Erasmus student) (Fac.Pharm. Sciences, Univ. Ghent)

Annelies Dhaese (Erasmus student) (Fac.Pharm. Sciences, Univ. Ghent)

Catarina Miguel (PhD student)  (affiliated member) (FCT/UNL)

Ornella Ewa Preisner (PhD student) (affiliated member) (IST/UTL)

Sandra Rodrigues (MSc student) (affiliated member) (FF/UP)

Emanuel Garcia (PhD student) (affiliated member) (University of Copenhagen – Denmark)


ICETA/UP=Institute of Sciences and Agro-Food Technologies of University of Porto (Porto); FF/UP=Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto (Porto); FCT/UNL=Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon (Monte da Caparica); IST/UTL=Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon (Lisbon); FP/UL=Faculty of Psicology, University of Lisbon (Lisbon); FP/UL=Faculty of Psicology, University of Lisbon (Lisbon); FF/UL=Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon (Lisbon); FM/UL=Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (Lisbon); FF/UC=Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra (Coimbra)

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