The Chemometrics&PAT Unit research is essentially focused on  chemometrics and vibrational spectroscopy namely near- and mid-infrared spectroscopy methods.


The Chemometrics&PAT Unit uses and develops chemometric algorithms for multiple purposes including research&development and industrial applications (see related areas). The Unit expertise in chemometrics include latent variables models (PCA, PCR, PLS…), multiple linear regression (MLR), trilinear modelling (PARAFAC…), non-linear modelling (e.g., non-linear PLS, neural networks)… The Unit is especially interested in the development of algorithms for uncertainty estimation of multivariate models. The platform used for research and algorithms development is Matlab (Mathworks, Natick, MA).

Infrared spectroscopy (near- and mid-infrared)

Available infrared spectrometers at the GABAI laboratory include FT-NIR, dispersive NIR  and FT-IR spectrometers with possibility for transmittance, diffuse reflectance, transflectance and ATR measurements.

For a full list of the available equipment at GABAI please consult the group’s webpage at

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